Red Red Icing Gel Color Color Wilton

Wilton food coloring gel in concentrated form. A complete range with beautiful bright colors. This red dye does not appeal to larger hoeveelheden.De colors are mixing with each other to possibly create your own color (previously two pieces of marzipan / fondant separately and mix who pass by each other). The icing colors are suitable for the color of icing, fondant, marzipan, butter cream, batter, whipped cream, cookie dough, and more.

Directions: take some of the pot eg using a cocktail stick.. Always use a clean stick if you want to add more dye and rub it off with your marzipan or fondant. For darker or deeper color using more gel. Well knead for thoroughly colors, marbled if you want you will need less kneading. Make sure the dye remains in the middle to avoid too much color on your hands. Immediately wash with warm water and soap to remove your hands.

Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, wetting agent (E422), water, coloring agents (E129, E110, E102), modified starch, gelling agent (E406), preserving agents (E202, E330, E331). E102, E110 and E129 activity and attention in children can affect.


This product contains genetically modified maize and sugar.

Durability approx 9 months. – 1.5 years.

Wilton Icing colors comply with the EU directives with regard to E-numbers that may be used in food.

Suitable for all foods water

Contents: 28 grams.


Weight 0.1 kg