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Cake Container With Black Lid 9.75″


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Cake Container With Black Lid 9.75″

This 9.75” cake container is just right for a 4.5” cake with frosting under the deep 3-1/2” dome. The design of the dome features a smooth lid and ridged side walls. Customers can see the cake with a quick glance and select their favorite 6” cake. The plastic cake container is made of strong, recyclable PETE material to protect the cake and allow your bakery to follow environmentally-friendly policies. The beauty of your cake creation shines through to entice bakery customers.

The black base of the 9.75” plastic container is strengthened by ringed reinforcements along the bottom. Use a 9.75” cake circle for this 9.75” cake container. The deep dome features ridges for support and increase visual appeal. Presentation on bakery shelves is clear and attractive. This cake containers for 4.5” cakes is ideal for a large bakery, allowing for efficient ordering to keep the desired amount of stock on hand.

Weight 5 kg