Cake Pop Sticks 20 Cm Pack of 50 Pcs

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Lollipops and Cake Pop Sticks 20 Cm Pack of 50 Pcs

  • 20 Cm Plastic Lollipop stick Pack of 50 Pcs lollipop and Cake Pop sticks. Use them in lollipops or hard candies for your children and the whole family to enjoy!
  • Delicious Multipurpose – These lollipop sticks are usable for most types of candies. From chocolate, cookies, cake pops, and even art-craft projects! Reliable sticks for anything!
  • Great Party Favor – The lollipop sticks are perfect for kids’ birthday party, cake party, or any playtime with friends. Have fun with sweet snacks and treats on the sticks!
  • Premium Material – These lollipop sticks are made of durable, non-toxic Plastic material. They’re recyclable and safe without pointed ends for your children to eat with!
  • Sticks for cake pops and lollipops
  • Sturdy and environmentally friendly. Made from 100 % Kraft paper
  • Food safe and tasteless
  • 20 cm long, and 4 mm in diameter
  • Great for cake pops, lollipops and candy-dipped marshmallows
  • Color: white
  • Material Plastic
  • Quantity: 50 count
Weight 0.3 kg