Floral Texture Impression Mat Sheet Set of 6pcs/ Set


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Floral Texture Impression Mat Sheet Set of 6pcs/ Set

Product size: approx. 25 X 17.5 X 0.1cm/9.84 X 6.88 X 0.03inch
Product weight: approx. 99g
Usage:  Slightly spray texture mat with a cooking spray, wipe off excess with a paper towel. Roll fondant to approximately 1/8” thickness. Lift fondant to ensure fondant is not sticking to the work surface. Dust work surface with powdered sugar if fondant is sticking. Place texture mat on the fondant, firmly roll over the mat, remove mat, cut textured fondant. For cookies, cut fondant with the same cookie cutter used in baking. For cake accents, cut fondant with a mini pizza cutter:
For standard cupcakes, cut fondant with a circle cookie cutter(typically, a 3” round cutter is ideal, but the size of cupcake tops may vary). Attach cut fondant pieces with piping gel or a thin layer of buttercream icing.
Use either side of the mat. One side will give a raised impression, while the other will give a recessed impression.

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