Fruit & Vegetables Knife With Protective Cover Stainless Steel


99 in stock


99 in stock

Fruit & Vegetables Knife With Protective Cover

Paring Knife, fruit Knife with Protective Cover, Silicone Non-slip Handle, fruit Knife Small of Exquisite and Beautiful, suitable for Most Types of Vegetables and Fruits Knife 

  • The paring knife small made of food-grade silicone material and high-quality stainless steel , sharp, corrosion-resistant, non-polluting, non-rusting, safe and hygienic, one-piece molding, beautiful appearance, easy to clean after use.
  •  The sharp paring knife blade is made of high-quality stainless steel . The blade has been specially treated, making the blade sharp and durable. After cutting, the original taste of the food can be better preserved. It is not only suitable for cutting fruits, vegetables and meat, but also for removing peels.
  •  The scabbard of small fruit knife with cover not only has an exquisite appearance, Bright colors, but also is dustproof and breathable, protecting the blade body, easy to store and safer.
  • The small paring knife handle is a non-slip handle made of soft silicone material. Ergonomic design, curved handle, white anti-skid texture, fit hand shape, comfortable feel and exquisite design make you more comfortable to use.
  • Our small fruit knife is not only exquisite in appearance, comfortable in the hand, and the blade and handle are tight and firm, and will not break when used. It is suitable for most fruits, vegetables and meats. It can be used for cutting, dicing, chopping, slicing and peeling.

Color : (pink, Green, purple, Orange)

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