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Hand Bag Shape Acrylic Chocolate Mold


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Hand Bag  Acrylic Chocolate Mold

This mold will help bring your cake decorating skills to a new level, enabling you to bring a professional quality to your work. Great for making cake toppers and is a must have cake mold for kids, lovers, entertainment, birthday, or holiday gift. Baking DIY Cake Chocolate Suitable for microwave oven, toaster and refrigerator. After put the chocolate into the 1/3, shaking the mold to cover surface. After put the chocolate into the 1/3, shaking the mold to cover surface. Put in refrigerator. After colding, can continue to add one layer chocolate sauce surface. Gently tap, take off the clip, open the mold and remove the finished product

· Great for making handmade chocolate, candy, jelly, cake decorating, etc. Professional chocolate tools. NOT suitable for microwave oven, toaster.

· Easy to wash and clean after use. This Mold is durable for long time use.

· 2 Cavities per mold. Use clips to hold mold after pouring melted chocolate.


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