Ice Cream Sticks Colorful Small Size


36 in stock


36 in stock

Ice Cream Popsicle Sticks Colorful Small Size

Now make Ice-Creams and other yummy desserts with the adorable items available at Bakehouse. Use this Ice-Cream sticks to prepare delicious Ice-Creams easily at home.

Ice-cream sticks colorful small is made-up of 100% food grade wood. This set of Ice-Cream sticks include different color of Ice-Cream sticks in it.

Ice-Cream sticks are used to prepare Ice-Creams, Cakesicles and Popsicles with it. Use it to make delicious items at your home. Enjoy baking with the adorable items of Bakehouse. This Ice-Cream set gives amazing composition to the Ice-Cream or Cakesicle batter.

Just pour the batter into mold and attach this Ice-Cream stick with the Ice-Cream or Cakesicles batter. Ice-Cream stick gets congealed with the Ice-Cream or Cakesicle batter easily.


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