Luminous Silver Dust 10 Grams Vibgyor


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1 in stock

Vibgyor Luminous Silver Edible (10 gms)

Vibgyor Luminous Silver comes in dust form, that deliver glittery, metallic, silky visual effect on confections & frosting.

Chef Tips: To get perfect glitter effect on fondant cake use lemon extract or clear vanilla extract to make edible paint instead of water. For darker silver effect use grey or black fondant base. Add Vibgyor Deep Blue color drop to Vibgyor Luminous Silver to get sparkling pearl blue shade edible paint.

Allergen Information: Product contains titanium dioxide,users suffering from allergy from inhalation of titanium should avoid dust exposure.

How to use it:Use clear lemon oil or vanilla extract or any imitation flavor to make paint form to apply on fondant or gum paste. Luminous Silver Edible can also be directly brushed on delicate fondant & chocolate decorations.

Storage: Keep product away from the heat at ambient temperature. DO NOT FREEZE. Close cap tightly after each use. 

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