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Nevada Instant Yeast 500 Gram


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Nevada Instant Yeast 500 Gram

“Nevada”™ quick-acting (instant) dry yeast is a product with sustained quality, long storage period that does not require specific storage and transport conditions.

Fresh yeast, “Nevada”™ quick-acting (instant) dry yeast keeps its enzymatic activity during the whole storage period (2 years).

“Nevada”™ quick-acting (instant) dry yeast is recommended for usage in bakery products with the content of sugar in baking formula up to 10% of the flour weight.

  • packagePackaging:corrugated box with 20 vacuum packs 500 gr each
  • timeShelf life:2 years in its original packing, in a dry and cool place.
  • temperatureStorage temperature:up to +25°C

Instant dried yeast is ideal for all types of Pizza dough,  bread making, or risen baked goods. So simple to use, instant yeast can added directly to dry ingredients without needing to mix with water first!

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