Plastic Hollow Dowel Rods Pack of 4 Pcs Set


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Plastic Hollow Dowel Rods Pack of 4 Pcs Set

Cake dowel rod 4Pcs set is made-up of high quality food grade plastic material. This set of dowels include 4 pieces in the packet.

Product Uses

Cake dowel rod is a very useful tool. It is used to fix in the cakes that helps in supporting of the tier cakes. These cake dowels are placed inside a cake after proper icing or covered with fondant.

Cake dowel also support stacking of tier sticks of the tier cakes because these sticks sometimes, are not enough to support the level of the cake.

  • When creating any multi-tiered cake it is essential to consider the engineering as well as the presentation.
  • Although not usually visible most cakes will require additional support e.g. dowel rods, hidden or hollow pillars to obtain the effect required.
  • The number required may vary according to the cake shape and size.
  • Measuring 31.8cm * 1.8cm (12.5 inches) they are perfect for putting in between pillared cakes or used to support stacked cakes.
  • They can be cut down to size easily and the diameter of the top fits support plates perfectly
  • Dowel Rods – Easy Cut Pk/4 pcs (31.8CM * 1.8CM / 12.5″)



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