Manly Texture Sheet Impression Mat 6 Pc/Set


6 piece ‘manly’ texture icing sheet set by Autumn Carpenter

  • this is one of our favourite new products at the moment . . .
  • good quality 6 piece sugar paste male themed texture impression mat set – perfect for those difficult cake ideas for boys and men of all ages
  • lightweight double sided plastic sheets give excellent impressions on sugarpaste, marzipan, modelling chocolate
  •  or modelling paste – even buttercream!
  • each mat approx 25.5cm by 18cm / 10″ x 7″
  • Manly set sheets include tyre treads, pressed metal effect like you’d find on workshop floors / ships etc, wood grain, cogs & wheels, leather effect and Celtic / Maori knot work style tattoo designs
  • a fast and easy way to add detail to celebration cakes
  • may seem a bit expensive when you see the pack and feel the weight but (1) these are as rare as hen’s teeth in the UK, (2) the RRP is genuine and (3) Cake Stuff will always ensure our customers get the best possible price
  • food approved plastic
Weight 0.3 kg