Milkyz Food White Liquid Color 18ML Dropper Bottle


Now bake cakes, cupcakes, muffins, mouse cakes and other desserts with the wonderful bakeware of Bakehouse. Have this whitish white icing food color to brighten up the buttercream or margarine.

Milkyz Food White Icing Color 18ML Dropper Bottle is made-up with organic pigments. It is a 18 ml white icing food color bottle.

White icing food color has a long shelf life. It can be kept at room temperature for long time.

White icing food color is used brighten-up colors. It is widely used to lighten up dark colors. It is also used to make buttercream icing purely white on the cakes. It can be also used in dough and other kind of batters to whiten up.

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