Milkyz Food Dark Brown Liquid Color 18ML Dropper Bottle


Make beautiful rainbow of the colors on the cake using amazing variety of the colors. Use this dark brown liquid food coloring to make cake frosting outstanding.

Milkyz Food Liquid Food Color Dark Brown 18ML Dropper Bottle is made up with all the food safe measures.

Dark brown liquid food color is used to decorate the cakes, pastries, cupcakes, muffins, etc. It beautifies cake frosting and icing of the cake. Dark brown food color can be mix in the whip cream or buttercream to give adorable dark brown colored frosting. It increases deliciousness of the cake when dark brown color is sprinkled on the flowers made from whip cream or buttercream.

Milkyz Food colors can be light or dark as per the need. Colors may be light or bright with the amount used.

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